We are currently sleep/nap training DD (almost 5 months) I know that consistency is key, so I have basically resigned myself to the fact that for the next couple of weeks, we'll be doing naps at home until they get settled again (we were getting 3 long naps in arms/carrier, but the last two days since ST have had 4 short naps).

My question is, does it have to be all or nothing forever? I loved being able to take DD out in the Beco or ring sling and have her take a nap while we were walking with a friend or at an event. If I nap train, am I relinquishing this flexibility? Is it a trade off for independent sleep?

Would love to hear about people's experiences with this. Do you have an independent sleeper who is also somewhat portable? Do you find it throws off baby's sleep if they take a few naps a week "on the go"? Am I totally overthinking this?