Just wanted to share in case anyone else was looking for advice on nap training.

I was really diligent in sleep training for bedtime- I refused to nurse to sleep or do any kind of soothing. I just put her down and walked out of the room and refused to return until morning. That worked so well! But it never occurred to me for some reason to do that for naps.

So for awhile we had been doing a lot of soothing for naps- rocking, patting, shushing, etc. When my daughter was around 8.5 months she started refusing the pacifier. I was at a loss. She only napped when she had a pacifier, so how could I get her to sleep if she refused to take it? So I decided it was time to nap train.

We committed to doing it like bedtime. We put her down (did not put a paci in, but left some in the crib if she wanted to place them herself) and left the room. By the second day we could barely get her in her crib before she had popped her own pacifier in, and rolled over to go to sleep. By herself. Wish we had done it sooner!