1) Did you institute some sort of routine before naps to signal your LO it was nap time? What was it? We have a bedtime routine, but our "nap routine" (if you can call it that) is diaper change, into merlin, white noise on, binky in, and rocked to sleep. Takes 5 min if that.

2) During nap training, if LO refused to nap, did you wait until the next "nap time" or did you just let them get up after X(how many?) minutes then try again the next time they looked tired?

3) If you did try to get them on a schedule, how did you choose it? Was it similar to what they'd done before (if they had a schedule) or did you pick a new schedule that worked better for your life?

4) The biggy: What method did you use to nap train? Did it work? How long did it take?