Hello everybody.

I'm 6.5 weeks pregnant with my second and to be completely honest, it has been rough. My ms came in just before 5 weeks and I am very hormonal and emotional. I don't know how much more I can handle and it's still very early on. I'm on medication for the nausea but I don't think it is helping me much. I'm constantly in the verge of tears, we moved away a year ago so all my support is back home. My house is a mess, I am unable to keep up with my son, my husband is at a loss. I am just a mess. Then all I can think of is the newborn stage... the crying, the lack of sleep, etc and it scares me. All I keep thinking is "what did we get ourselves into again?!". If anybody had a rough start with their second pregnancy, I would greatly appreciate words of encouragement. Please no judgement, I've just been having a rough couple of weeks... Many thanks.