I need some recommendations for underwear that i can wear through pregnancy. Most places dont let you try them on ... well because... eww, so i bring this to the hive. I have a booty and thicker thighs. I typically wear VS Pink in size L and buy cheeky cut or boy shorts but only because they dont make the simple bikini briefs anymore. But ive started to notice they're cutting into my hips making for some unattractive panty muffin top. I seldom wear thongs and i could care less about VPLs. I'd prefer them to sit under the belly and be mostly cotton

Brands I've tried that are not my favorite
- Target (the colorful ones in the bins) usually not enough stretch for the junk in my truck
- Aerie/American eagle - I havent tried them in while but i have a bunch from a few years ago that the legs holes cut too much

Any suggestions for comfy undies that i can stock up on? thanks ladies!!!