A little over two weeks ago I gave birth to a baby girl and she has really completed our family, making us a family of four. DS is about to turn three and my goodness I did not think this would be as stressful as it is.

This was the first full week of me being home alone with the kids while DH is at work and the amount of breakdowns I've had is mind blowing. I am usually a sound minded person when DS has his breakdowns but I feel like I have NO time what so ever. I am also in school and because it's my senior year I did not want to take time off but now I feel like it's just an added stress.

When DS is calm and settled, DD starts up. My day escapes me and before I know DH is home, nothing in the house is done, no school work is done, and I am a wreck, who hasn't peed since the morning!

I don't really have friends let alone mommy friends so I just really needed to vent. DH tries to make me feel better about the school and house situation but I feel like he doesn't realize how stressed I am about both the kids taking turns of going nuts, sometimes they even join in a duet together. GIVEN I knew this would be a lot of work but between DS's breakdowns (he has sensory issues and a speech disorder) his therapy sessions, his slight jealousy of the baby, DD's crying fits for no reason, my every three hour pumping sessions, I just feel overwhelmed.

I just needed to vent. I know I'll get it together eventually but right now I just feel discouraged.