I've had night time bedwetting "saga" posted here before:



8 months later, we are still here. DS is going to be 7 in January and the issue persists.

Long story short, we had a pretty "acceptable" summer -- he was anywhere between 2-5 consecutive nights dry, and 1 night of accident in between. There were waves of ups and downs (some periods he would have accidents every or every other night), but it most certainly always come back up. I thought we'll continue to ride it to promise land.

Up until recently, for the past many weeks (more like months), he has been pretty consistently wetting every single night. What was worse is, he used to get up and deal with it as he peed his bed -- it got so bad that he would wet his bed at midnight, and sleep all the way through 6am, and he'll start changing out his pajamas / pulling out his sheets and putting it into the washer at 6:15am after he slept the whole night in it. (ETA: He is not changing his sheets, he is pulling out the wrap around protector that goes on top of a thin disposable tape on pad, which goes on top of the actual bed sheet. It is in a manageable size maybe 1/4 the size of the bedsheet that goes horizontally across the mattress, and it is easy to pull off. And he is putting it in the washer, *not* starting the wash cycle)

I know most of you disapprove of the enyresis alarm, but that was what our pediatrician recommended a whole year ago. I bought it and I have held off on it for the past 8 months. We wouldn't have used it if our journey was not moving backwards. We have finally broke into it and see if it helps. It is a small device that attach to his underwear, and when it detects wetness, it vibrates. Our pediatrician recommended it last well visit a year ago. I wrote to him letting him know we are finally using it and he said DS should learn to get up to use the bathroom before accidents happen in about 3 weeks. The alarm said we must continuously to use it for 8 weeks in order for it to work and for the "habit" to stick.

The thing is, that alarm indeed is quite scary. It vibrates and it won't stop unless it gets detached from the wet underwear. So every night, DS would scream in the middle of the night (When he wet his bed) because that thing kept going and won't stop, and he was too scared to detach it himself. Not to mention since it is getting soaked in pee pretty often (lol) and DS threw his wet underwear onto the floor consistently, I don't even know if it would last another few weeks. I don't want to stop using it though because maybe that would indeed be our break through.

I've also tried waking DS up at around 11pm/12am.... he is impossible to wake, and eventually when he does wake, I don't think he gets back to the same level of deep sleep as he sometimes get up 2 times afterwards claiming "he'd just want to try to go use the bathroom just in case). While waking him up does help ease the problem, I am not sure if it disrupts the "course" of the enyresis alarm "training".

I also heard there were medication that the child can take (because certain hormone / chemical hasn't been released in their little bodies so they need a "supplement") But i only also read it briefly on another message board. I may ask in our next well visit.... IF this problem still going on.

Anyhoo... just thought I'd vent. Please refrain your judgement -- and please be kind. It has already been very hard. Just thought I'd throw it out here, and for those who actually "did" something with night training (other than their LOs naturally waking up dry and that was it) that worked at the end, please do share....