My almost 6 y/o girl seems to be getting more and more emotional and difficult, and I’m starting to get concerned. She still throws epic temper tantrums, and will scream and hit. If reprimanded or told not to do something she melts down. It doesn’t matter if it’s something super insignificant—for some reason she feels like I’m attacking her character. If I calmly tell her “you need to stop talking in a baby voice” for example, she responds “This is how I was born! When you say that it makes me feel like you think I’m a useless block of wood!” (🤷‍♀️). The other day I was in the shower and somehow the gate upstairs got closed and she screamed bloody murder for the next 5 minutes despite being able to hear me say “I’m in the shower. You’re going to have to be patient and wait for me to get out.” She also carries small indiscretions from her classmates for months. She was so upset to find out a little girl who said my DD bumped into her on the playground and didn’t believe DD when she said it wasn’t her was going to be sitting next to her at school. This incident was months ago, but DD said “On the first day I’m going to tell Eleanor I didn’t bump into her.” Yesterday Eleanor said DD was looking at her paper during math and DD got so upset about it that she spent all of recess sitting on the ground not playing. Some days at home it feels like she spends more time crying then not, and she often ruins a perfectly good evening which is hard because I work FT (I would never tell her that though).

Our other DD is 3 and very laid back which makes it hard because she rarely gets reprimanded. I am also a little concerned because recently I finally figured out I’ve been suffering from anxiety my entire life, and I’m wondering if that could be what’s going on with her.

Thoughts? Is this normal or a problem? TIA!