We're working on DD's sleep, but I'm confused as to how to handle feedings if I'm not purposefully trying to night wean. Background: LO will be 6 months on Saturday and she's still EBF. She sleeps in a crib in our room (although from laziness and exhaustion, I had been bringing her into our bed late at night. Stopping that was stage one). She goes down well when placed in her crib awake, but she wakes up often and never soothes herself during the night. As she's getting bigger, she notices that we're in the room and she'll babble to us from her crib instead of going back to sleep. The goal is to get her sleeping in her crib and not waking up so often and for so long at night.

All of that is to say I don't know how to handle mid-night nursings and sleep training. Is the assumption that you cut all nighttime nursing? From everything I've read, it seems like it's important to be consistent in the way you soothe or the time you allow. Will nursing her throw a wrench in things? Do I nurse her before she starts crying? How do I know if she's really hungry? I kind of hate this. Anyone have any insight or experience? Thanks!