So at age 30, after a roundabout way of arriving to this point (BA and MA in art history and career in museums...), I have realized that I want to be a nurse. I feel a little foolish as I already have graduate debt, but after a lot of consideration, this is what I know I was meant to do. I am starting to look into programs and prereqs. Baby #2 is due in December, so I wouldn't start until after then, and I would have to work during school as two kiddos in daycare and taking away my income would not be possible!

Nurse mamas, mamas who are in school for nursing and have kids and work...or anyone who can relate at all, any tips or advice? Is this crazy? I want to have a career that makes me feel good about myself every day where I really feel like I am contributing to bettering others' lives. I know this will be hard, but I am motivated!

Also, any ideas for jobs to look for in the meantime that would be a good way to test out if nursing is the right path for me?