My dad, who's 81, lives with us. My mum spoiled him quite badly while she was alive so he never really had to do anything for himself, and I seem not to have taught him anything either and usually end up doing pretty much everything- in harmless examples, tonight he called me in to the sitting room from the kitchen to say he was thirsty, instead of getting up to get a glass of water himself. (he's perfectly able bodied).
Lately though, I've been feeling heavier and more achy and tired, and have found myself snapping at his funnier demands. (I'm just 27 weeks today.)
Last night, tired, I decided to go to bed at 10pm. I brought his night time tablets to his room- he was already in bed- and put them, in little dosing cup, like always, with a glass of water on his dresser. I told him to take them in about twenty minutes (normally takes them around half ten) that I was going to bed. He actually said

"Wait there to give them to me."

Hahahaha. I'm supposed to stand by the bed like a statue for twenty minutes so he doesn't have to sit up in bed and stretch his hand out for them! Hahaha! He got his answer, obviously- I know I'm a doormat but there are limits- but it was just so funny. I thought I already knew the limits of his laziness but that was a new one by me!
Anyone else got entitled parents?