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One and Doners?

  1. Elizabear

    cherry / 109 posts

    You all have made me feel so happy and not al"one" ! This past weekend I happily gave away clothes my daughter grew out of w/o any pangs of guilt!

  2. SugarplumsMom

    bananas / 9223 posts

    One and happily done after years going back and forth. At 5.5 yo, the biggest perk for us is having neighborhood kids over unannounced (even during meal times) and it's fine. Surprise play dates are a welcomed distraction. I can imagine that extra kids coming over would be a lot tougher with more than 1 in the house.

    The one negative on my mind these days is when we get older, and health issues arise, then she would have to manage things on her own. But if we cover all our bases, it shouldn't be so much of a problem for her

  3. babycanuck

    pomegranate / 3105 posts


    We have a variety of reasons, and those reasons are ours.

    There is a ton of pressure from other people, and I basically tell them my uterus isn't their business and they leave me alone.

    - Hyperemesis
    - Wanting to give LO everything I can - kids are expensive, and situations will never be perfect, and we will always find the means, but still.
    - He has lots of friends who are family and family who will always be there.
    - You can have siblings who are assholes and you don't talk to (SO's brother) or siblings you may have grown up with in strained relationships but are great with now (me + my sister)
    - We are making sure that LO understands as he grows as an only child that you don't just get things. You still need to earn things, you won't be a bratty child and all gimme gimme gimme. I know this can happen with siblings or not, but I'm also trying to train SO at the same time not to spoil. He had a tougher childhood and sometimes feels he needs to give LO everything and then some for toys, etc.
    - Age & genetic factors for me, my own personal choices.

    I have days where I wonder what if, however, no matter WHAT I do, I always wonder what if for the other side.


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