My in laws are a 4 hour flight away and have expressed that they want to visit (stay with us) in October right after the baby is born (due date Sept 30). At first, I was like ok, whenever, that's fine and maybe it's best during the first 3 weeks while my husband is out on parental leave too so that they wont be too bored if I'm totally occupied or sleeping.... But then my husband asks if maybe we just want it to be the 3 of us so early on? Or would we be happy with having them around for the extra hands?
This will be our first so I have no idea how I will end up feeling. My family is 40 minutes away, so help is nearby if needed, and can go home if it feels "crowded" and we want time to ourselves.
How did you feel after your first? Do you think immediately after would be a reasonable time to host out of town guests? When would the "best" time for you to have had out of town visitors be after baby was born?