Hi - my husband works in retail and is in contact with the public all day long. So far, only 14 cases have been reported in my county but as testing ramps up and the virus spreads it’ll surely get much higher. I have a 3 week old and a 4 year old and am terrified he is going to bring the virus home and infect them. This new report has me especially freaked out:


On his first day back to work after his paternity leave ended (which was Monday), I had him stay with his parents (they are young and healthy) because I was so scared. But then I got zero sleep and spent most of yesterday crying on and off because I was so tired and so lonely and so overwhelmed by all of this - so, I caved and let him come home to help last night.

Now I’m wondering if I should have him stay away again. If so, for how long? This could go on for months and months and I don’t know if I can isolate myself alone with the two kids for weeks, let alone months. I feel like such a weakling and sh*tty mom for admitting that.

For all of you with young babies who don’t have the option of having both parents stay home - how are you handling this??