Do you believe that parents know their children best?

Personally I do not believe this. I believe that in general most kids need similar stuff. I believe that good people skills (parenting, teaching, communication) is taught/learned and not necessarily innate to people.

I get irritated whenever I hear parents say "well my kid is XYZ so she/he needs XYZ.". I always want to ask them, how do you know that your kid is definitively XYZ? And if you do know definitively, should you adapt lifestyle to fit XYZ, or instead keep an open mind about your kid and how they will develop or change over time?

My youngest LO is low toned and most everything I read says "low tone kids aren't great athletes." I feel like if I lean into this definition I am limiting his ability to enjoy the pure physical experience of athletics (regardless of whether he excels at athletics or not).

Honestly, knowing my children is a liability because I am liable to limit them due to my preconceptions of their abilities/needs/etc.

I'm always amazed at what fantastic behavior other people can get out of my kids.

What do you think?