We went out of town for a few days on vacation, and I hired a pet sitter that was recommended by my neighborhood website. I checked references and met her in person, and she seemed nice enough. We paid her to come to our house 4 times a day to let our dog out on potty breaks and to care for him and our two cats.

We have a home security system plus a front door camera, so we get alerts whenever someone comes in our home. The first two days we were gone, she only came 3 out of the 4 times. Obviously, I wasn't happy, but I let it go. Then the last two days, she only came 2 out of the 4 times! I wanted to say something to her, but my husband advised against it saying she had a key to our house, and we still needed her to care for the pets, so he didn't want to make her mad. I even texted her and asked her how the pets were doing, and she made up stories about how they were doing at times when she wasn't in our house. When we got back home, there was poop in a couple rooms (probably because the dog wasn't let out often enough) that she hadn't bothered to clean up. I'm never using her again, but I'm wondering if I should say anything to her or ask for money back? Husband says to let it go, because it wouldn't make a difference at this point.