I swear I feel like I am always asking for advice and understanding on here, but I have nobody in life, but you ladies who have possibly dealt with these same issues. I just want to say thanks in advance.

DS has a consultation in a week for a few concerns I have. He is coming up on his 1 year birthday!! And even though he seems to try "bear crawling" he isn't quit there yet. He only learned to sit by himself 2 months ago. He can get around by himself, he just doesn't seem to want to go very far. He doesn't pull himself up on anything, but the two main concerns are 1) he doesn't put anything in his mouth, only his fingers. No toys, no food. And 2) he still won't eat solid food. I still have him on stage 2 food beucase anytime I try to feed him anything with texture he flips out. He doesn't eat snacks, I have to physically put everything in his mouth. And no zippy cup because he still doesn't hold his bottle. I'm not even sure how I would go about making him understand he should hold his bottle? I'm mostly looking for anyone else whose child had an adversity to texture? If it improved with age or if intervention was needed. I know I need to talk to the ped, and that's why I made the appt. but I don't want to feel blindsided with whatever he reccomends, I'm sort of just looking for an idea of what to expect him to recommend.