Hi All,

My LO is starting to potty train (about a month now). She is scared and refuses to potty in a public bathroom, I do have a small potty that we keep in the trunk of the car, but if we go to the zoo or the amusement park, which we all know are big places, it'll be hard to really see anything if we have to pop in and out every 2 hours. Factoring the time that it takes to walk to the animals or rides and back out, it's not much time spent actually doing something. I'm not sure what to do, put her in a diaper, or will that make her regress?

I should also add she's strong willed and while she initially took quickly to potty training, lately she has been fighting me everytime I say it's time to potty. So I'm worried that if i suggest she can wear a diaper when we go out for long trips, it'll turn into wanting to wear diapers all the time, and she has to be potty trained before going into the next class in the fall.

Also, she doesn't mind if her underwear and pants are wet, she would rather be wet then go to the public bathroom.