I am losing my mind! I know there are a lot of bees currently potty training and I think we could use a supportive place... Anyone?

Summary: boy, 2.5 (training now because of a preschool that requires it)

No method, but basically did 3 day. Wears pull ups for bedtime. Always dry for nap, very wet at night.

Pee: perfect for first 3 days, then went to current preschool and came home in pink undies and someone else's pants... Now an accident or two every day. Has told us he needs to go a couple of times.

Poop: mostly in undies, one carpet, one outside. A couple of nuggets in the toilet but may have already been clingers... Tells us immediately when he goes. Knows he needs to go but can't make it happen on toilet.

Me: losing my mind! We are in the process of moving and I am so stressed that it'll take months for this to work!