For all the pregnant paleo ladies and moms who ate paleo while pregnant:

At my most recent midwife appointment we had a long conversation about GD testing. My midwife left the decision of whether or not to get tested up to me, as I am very healthy and have no risk factors for GD or family history that suggests I am at risk of developing it.

I think I will go ahead and do the one-hour test though, because I would definitely want to know if I did have GD.

I have done a lot of reading, and also discussed with my midwife, the fact that many paleo women seem to get false positives on their GD tests, as our bodies are not used to processing large amounts of refined sugar.

I'm thinking I'll eat my normal breakfast of a crustless quiche (probably spinach) before the test. However, I've heard others in the paleo community say that it might to wise to increase carb intake for three days before the test so that your body is better conditioned to respond to carbohydrates. I'm certainly not trying to "trick" the test, but I just want to get the most accurate results from what is, by my understanding, a less-than-accurate testing protocol.

Just looking for any insight anyone can offer: Did you do the GD testing? Did it come back normal? Did you get a false positive and have to do the three-hour test? Any advice?