The nurse at my midwives' office prescribed me Progesterone 100 mg (oral) following a blood test we did yesterday (8 or 9 DPO). They said my hcg and progesterone were both appropriate for this point in the pregnancy. However, since I've had three miscarriages before, they felt "it couldn't hurt, and might be beneficial" to prescribe progesterone just in case.

Now I'm reading the side effects, and I'm concerned about taking this "just in case". It talks about increased risks of breast cancer and discussing use with your doctor if you have a family history; there is a strong history of breast cancer in my family (my mom died of it in her mid 40s). It's in my charts but I doubt the nurse checked.

A search on HB shows everyone reporting breast tenderness and nausea. This also worries me since I'm still breastfeeding my daughter and had debilitating nausea when pregnant with her.

If I could just try it, then discontinue, then it wouldn't be a big deal. But the nurse said I would have to remain on it for 12 weeks. So now I'm torn about starting it at all.

I'd love to hear from any of you ladies who took it, or who decided not to.