Lo's language has been on my radar as a possible problem since about 9 months. According to his developmental checklist from the pediatrician he is on the low end of normal, but he is further ahead in other areas and has always been the low end of normal, so that part doesn't really concern me.

In the last couple months, however, he stopped using a significant number of words that he used to say. He now says "this" for everything, as if he wants me to say it. His receptive language has really exploded...he understands pretty much everything we say, follows 2 step directions, and is just about starting to put phrases together (so far "where go dada" and other names). But he still will not identify anything. When we ask what something is, he just says "this".

Is this concerning? Is he just experimenting and wanting to hear the words? Or is this something we should talk to an EI person about? Should I be saying the words he wants me to say? I know they learn by listening, but I also know sometimes parents can enable kids to not use words that they are capable of using because we know what they want, and I don't want to fall into that camp.

Any advice?

ETA: He is 22 months old, 21 months if you adjust for him being born early.