I have 3 (beautiful) boys. I am pregnant with our 4th—a girl this time. I am about to lose it on the next person who’s like “ohhhhh fourth time is a charm!” or “I bet you’re so happy you’re finally getting your girl!”, especially when in earshot of my boys. I don’t want them to EVER think I love them any differently/less because of the sex they were born. (In reality, yes, I am thrilled that we are having a girl. But I never ever ever expressed that to ANYONE besides DH because if it was a 4th boy I wouldn’t love him any less.)

Same thing happened when I was pregnant with DS3. People legit “offered their sympathies” (uh, seriously?) or gave me a “awwww darn” when they found out it was a third boy. And then didn’t believe me when I said I was ecstatic for another son! Or were like “are you going to try for a girl?” Ummmm I’m going to finish cooking this one first, thanks.

I get that it’s just something that people say. But it doesn’t make it right. I just don’t want my boys’ feelings to ever be hurt *end rant*

ETA: AND ONE MORE THING!! (Haha Sorry) I haaaate when people flat out ask “were you trying for a girl?” Nope, we wanted a unicorn, but I guess we’ll get what we get 🤷‍♀️