I normally don't post this kind of stuff, but some reassurance would be nice. I heading back to work in 3 weeks from having a long 4 months off. We set it up so that my parents are watching DS 2x/week. DH and I agreed it would be nice and could make it work so that I only work 4 days a week. I really enjoyed the thought that I would get that extra day with DS. Plus, it would be a day we don't have to pa for daycare.

So, we've been daycare hunting for two days and turns out there is such limited availability, especially for part-time hours. We have only found two places. One place is a daycare center, it wasn't bad, and charged $700/month. We managed to only find one home daycare that would even talk to us. This woman is absolutely amazing. DH and I beyond love her and would feel so comfortable leaving DS there. But, we would need to pay for a full week, which for her is $1200/month (a steal in my opinion).

We really want to go with her because of the flexibly it provides. My mom isn't exactly in a stable position and it is possible down the road she wouldn't be able to help us anymore. But, to offset cost I would realistically need to work a full five days

I know moms do it all the time, but I just got it stuck in my head I would be with LO an extra day. I love this woman and know she would take such excellent care of DS. Sorry for the rant. Tell me it's not so bad!