Hi ladies! Long time no talk. I'm hoping to get a little help with DS behavior. I wanna give a quick run down of his life changes up until now and see if you guys can help me figure out what to do to get him back on track.

2016: Moved to a new house
2017: change in therapists (aged out of the program), got a baby sister and started a new school with new therapists.

Little things in between like potty training and switching from a baby sitter to grandmom care to now being home with DH.

He transitioned pretty amazingly through all this. We were very worried because DS has a tad sensory issue and has a language disorder which makes explaining and him understanding things very difficult. In turn he is also just now beginning to tell us things but still struggling. (Due to his language disorder)

So recently his old teacher left the school and he has a new teacher. However they transition her into the class very nicely. But we think this might be what's causing the acting up. He's doing things he KNOWS he shouldn't be and things he has never done before, especially at home. We spoke to his teacher today and she said he's been having a difficult time staying on task in school and talking back a lot. She said he's not being "bad" per say but just difficult participating. Their working getting him back on track at school which I'm thrilled about but I am going to request a meeting with his therapists and teachers to get a feel for what I can do to support them and most importantly my son.

BUT for home life, I need help. I need any tips of moms who may have had this happen. We have tired everything possible but I want to make sure the reinforcement is positive and as effective as possible. We haven't had any luck but we want to make sure we exhaust all solutions.

I feel so bad for him. I know my son and I feel like he's doing all of these things as a cry for help because he's overwhelmed.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.