I’m pretty sure I know the answer to this, but here we go anyway-

DH was in a very minor car accident this evening. Our nearly 6 year old was in her Graco turbobooster HBB, and the Chicco nextfit was installed but empty. He was just rear ended but there was some minor damage/ denting to his bumper.

I’m pretty certain we need to replace the Chicco nextfit. Do the same standards apply to a high back booster? Pretty sure the answer is yes- the manual just states if it is involved in a car crash we must replace. But it definitely fits the description for a “minor accident”- no air bags, no injuries, cars were driven away, no damage to the door nearest the car seat (or any doors), and no visible damage to the seat.

Mostly I’m making sure I’m not totally crazy saying we need to replace both, right? It seems wasteful but I take car seat safety seriously.

(Graco customer service is closed- I already tried calling directly).