I really wonder if DS is hitting a growth spurt or something. He's 11 months. The last few days all he wants to do is scream. When I pick him up, he smacks my face or screams. When I change him, he screams. When I put him down, he screams and tries to bite me if he can reach a body part. He's also been reaching for S, his daycare provider when I come to pick him up. He cries/fusses when I pick him up until we get home. Seriously heartbreaking. I'm so glad he loves his daycare, but spending 8-9 hours there and only 2-3 with us at home is really skewing the balance.
I'm so frustrated. He's never been particularly cuddly - always independent and wanting to be free and to play. I hope this phase passes. I miss my smiley boy who would give me kisses and smile when I picked him up.