I'm 8 weeks (first pregnancy), and have been suffering with (what I would call) horrible nausea and all-day-long-sickness for over a week now.

Tried lots of things to cope/cure/distract myself/'power through' but at some point most days I just wind up wanting to sob my heart out and worry that the next 9 months will be awful and I'll be a wreck my the time LO arrives!

Cola seems to make the nausea subside a little, but avoiding loads due to the caffine.
Anything starchy/savory is gooood - plain salted pretzels/chips etc.
Lemon/ginger flavoured things help a little, and sucking on hard candy seems to help too...

I'm pretty sure the biggest problem is it's worse on an empty stomach (so mornings are really bad) - its a vicious circle; emtpy stomach=feel sick=don't want to eat=feel sick=still have empty stomach, and repeat!

Am I being a big wuss, or has anyone else / is anyone else experiencing similar symptoms?