I want to be on a short term diet for about 2 weeks and a reeeealllly short term intensive diet for about 2-3 days to loose a few lbs before our 10 year anniversary photos.

For the two weeks before I'm going to do low carb, low salt- mostly veggies and proteins. And work out a couple days a week. What I'm not sure about is if I should do a 2-3 day juice cleanse-so low sodium for the 2-3 days prior. Or is it better to just stick to a low carb diet?

The only time I've dieted is when I had GD so this is not my area of knowledge. I'm the extra sauce, butter, cheese, whatever is bad for me person.

It's totally ok for you to give me the major side eye for this post. I have gained over 30 lbs since we got married and overall I feel good about how I look. But I'm putting a lot into this shoot and it's really important to me- my favorite film photographer is coming 3 hours for it and I want to look my best. We also leave for Hawaii a few days after so it's not going to hurt that I'm going to be in a bikini right after.

Any ideas/tips on how to healthfully loose 5ish lbs in 2 weeks?