LO will be 10 months on Feb 3. He has not started using consonants yet. In the last couple weeks he has started being more vocal but no consonants. No mamama ot dadada.

He will imitate sometimes when I blow raspberries. He responds to his name and I'm pretty sure he knows the word "kitty" as he will look at the cats if I say it. It could be coincidence though.

He has been crawling and pulling himself up to stand. He loves to dance. He has been pointing and making "uuuuh" sounds when he does.

I'm just wondering if I should be concerned? Maybe he is focusing on the other skills and talking hasn't been a priority for him? He has always been a quiet and calm baby.

At his 9 month appt the dr said he should be using consonants soon. I didnt ask at which point I should be concerned. Not sure if there is a point where i should make another appt.