I've mentioned before that I offered to throw SIL a baby shower. Previously she wanted to see the invite to OK it, which I thought was kind of rude. Now she's insisting that the menu be vegan.

I'm really annoyed with this for several reasons. For one, she put 75 people on the guest list. 6 of which are actually vegan. And I go to a lot of family meals with most of the people they invited - it's a large Italian family and meals usually involve a TON of food.

She's basically requested we "keep it light" and serve fruit plates, hummus and olives. Oh and "vegan desserts" (I was told talk to BIL about these I have no idea what this specifically means).

We will of course serve everything she requests. But I feel like it does a disservice to the rest of our guests to not provide other foods as well. And honestly it really rubs me the wrong way that "insists it be vegan". We are opening up our home to a giant amount of people and probably spending several hundred dollars on this party.

And now my MIL is weighing in saying "why can't we just eat healthy for one flipping meal?"

I'm about ready to call the whole thing off.