So I was sick on and off all of last week. Fevers on two separate occasions, nausea, vomiting. I stay at home and work very very part time. Of course nothing changed with my routine despite being sick as a dog. LO watched some kids shows and I tried to nap and rest. DH went to work as usual, calling home more often to make sure I was alive.
Yesterday DH gets home from a work trip sick and nauseous. Today, he stays home in bed all day, moping around, basically suffering for 24 hours with what I had for a week.
It took all I had to not give him side eye all day. But I did let a little jab in, saying along the lines of, I still did 100% of the child care when I was sick, now he knows how I felt when I was doing it.
Ugh. Ok rant over. Primary caregivers never get a break do we?