DS is coming up to a year and I've gotten hit with baby fever really bad recently. I finally sat down with DH last night and told him that I'd like to start trying soon. He told me that he loves our life the way it is now and doesn't want a second child. He says he would have to give up too much of his dreams, that we'll end up being boring old suburbanites with no sense of adventure if we have two, and that he feels our family is complete.

I'm so sad! I'm an only child and while I didn't mind it, I would love to given my DS a sibling. I love being a mom and the idea that I'll never get to have another child is just terrible. I just feel so sad -- I guess I'm mourning the loss of the family I thought I would have.

Has anyone else been at odds with their SO about family size? Is it unrealistic to hope he changes his mind?