Hey bees, I've barely found the chance to post here since DS2 was born but I would love some advice from those more experienced at solo parenting!
DH left this morning for a 2 week work trip, leaving me with DS1 and DS2 (2 years and 2 months). I am so daunted by 2 weeks on my own! I do a fair bit of solo parenting a anyway as I SAH - but I SO value that bit of extra help and someone to discuss the day with etc in the evening. Also I have not managed to get a good routine down for double bedtime yet!
He goes away for a day or 2 quite often and that doesn't bother me, but this just seems sooo long.
So if your SO goes away a lot... what are your best coping tips?! Do you keep busy or make less plans so there's less pressure? Do you find yourself accosting random delivery people for long conversations as you haven't spoken to another adult in over 24 hours? Do you find it helps your LO to talk to the parent who's away or does that make it worse (DS1 is gonna majorly miss his daddy)?
Any tips welcome!