I want to start out this post by stating that I'm ok, the baby is ok, but we had quite a scary start to the day.

I am currently measuring 10w5d pregnant with my first. My husband and I experienced infertility and conceived this baby after our 3rd IUI. I graduated from my RE almost 3 weeks ago and I am waiting for my first OB/GYN appointment, which is scheduled for next week. I mention this "in between" because it's what brought me much confusion as to what to do this morning when I woke up bleeding.

I had that familiar feeling, that I haven't had in almost 3 months, where you wake and just know it's your period. So I stumbled to the bathroom half asleep and saw that my underwear was full of brown discharge. I wiped and began to see a bright red discharge and then I just sat there crying for a little while. I quickly changed my underwear, put on a pad and woke my husband. I told him I was bleeding and didn't know what to do.

I wasn't feeling any pains. I wasn't cramping. I was still nauseous. So I felt like I shouldn't go to the ER. Is this an emergency? I don't know. But inside, I knew that the bright red that I had seen couldn't be good.

I called my RE office first because I figured I still had a connection there. But I didn't reach anyone, only voicemail. I called my OB/GYN, and voicemail as well - I told my husband that I guess this is why you go to the ER. Because doctor's offices aren't open at 7am.

I finally got the number for the on-call OB/GYN and paged the number. And about 45 minutes later I got a call from that doctor's nurse. She calmly asked me a slew of questions, and then she scheduled an ultrasound for me.

I tried to stay calm, and found that some HB posts about 1st trimester bleeding put my mind at ease. Which is why I wanted to share my story too.

At the ultrasound I saw my baby - we haven't seen the baby since 8 weeks and it was magical. The baby even moved and we heard the heartbeat for the first time. I was so relieved and so glad I had my husband come with me into the room. I was still concerned about the bleeding and she measured some sacs that still appeared to be filled with blood. I learned that I have some subchorionic bleeding. I was told to stay on bedrest until the red bleeding stopped. And then I was told I'm on pelvic rest.

The bleeding has stopped. Only minimal brown discharge now. I have a new picture of my baby and I'm doing my best to stay positive. This baby making stuff is hard and scary. But the best thing I learned this morning is make the call. Even if you call the wrong place, like your RE office that is really only there until you get pregnant and not for everything after pregnancy, call - and someone will help you get answers.