My sister is about 28 weeks pregnant and has been told that she has full placenta previa. She was diagnosed with previa around 20 weeks, with the hope that the placenta would move as the pregnancy progressed, but at her appointment yesterday, she was told it's still full previa, which means she will definitely need a scheduled c-section at 37 weeks. She has been seeing a midwife and will start seeing an OB starting on Thursday for better monitoring. She said that only 10% of full previa cases make it to 37 weeks without bleeding, and if she starts to bleed she'll be put on bedrest.

I guess I'm just wondering if anyone else had full previa and what your experience with that was. How long did you go in your pregnancy? Did you experience bleeding? Any complications after delivery? Anything else I should be aware of in order to better support her? She has a 2yo son who is pretty needy, and her husband travels (internationally) a lot for work, so bedrest will be tough for her (not that it's not hard for anyone!).