I have an infant, 2 year old and 4 year old (each 23 months apart), and not gonna lie, things have been pretty challenging since the baby arrived, with the 2 to 3 transition being significantly more challenging than 1 to 2. Our childcare situation has deteriorated significantly and is now on a substantially reduced schedule, but having three kids makes it difficult to find an alternative option, so juggling work is super tough. 2 year old is in EI for delays and has had some behavioral issues, exacerbated by having four teachers quit at her school in a couple of months. The older two definitely do not play well together while I need to deal with the baby. I was on the fence between two and three. Our third little one is just the sweetest and most joyful, wonderful little guy ever, but I worry that I've gotten myself into a life of feeling permanently super overwhelmed and exhausted.

All to say, was there a point as kids got older where you felt managing it all got easier? Or perhaps it doesn't get easier but how it's hard just changes? If you found it super challenging to add another kid, how long did it take to hit your stride? Thanks!