We have an in-law apartment in our English basement that we rent out. Our current tenant is an acquaintance who is loosely socially connected to us via several different people. It has not been the best rental experience so far, but last night really took the cake.

She burnt toast to a crisp and set off the smoke detectors at 1:45 in the morning. I get that mistakes happen, but we found out it was just toast by getting up and grabbing our kids to go outside. No call or text letting us know it was toast. And who leaves the alarm blaring for several minutes instead of silencing it immediately when it is cooking smoke? And not even an "I'm sorry" when we were all awake, downstairs, in the middle of the night.

The kids actually went back to sleep reasonably well, but I was super alert and hypervigilant and didn't really sleep again. So, I'm super tired and grumpy today. Not sure what can be done besides count down the time left in the lease (8.5 mos...).