I had one of those moments yesterday.

LO is almost 22 months. He is very well behaved and an angel most of the time.

We went to the aquarium in the morning with my friend and his buddy (same age) and they had a blast. He passed out in the car at 1pm. He woke when we transported him to the crib, and he was pretty much quiet until around 2. I didn't check if he was asleep or not. He made noises at 2pm, and I realized he threw everything in his crib outside on the floor. There I realized he pooped, changed his diaper, but he won't go back to nap. So I thought OK, he roughly napped an hour (big mistake haha), and we went out at 3pm to the mall to get something. He was pretty much happy until then.

And the problem happened. He was very fussy. He needed to be held, but when you hold him, he pushed you away. He just wanted to lead us to the esculator and we just kept riding up and down for 5 times. Fussed if we weren't riding the esculator. Then we realized OK we should go. He ran after me, grabbed my leg and wanted to be held. I didn't want to hold him and ask him to walk holding my hand and to one point he laid on the ground and cried. And I became that parent with an uncontrollable toddler !

He fell asleep in the car around 4:10pm (which he would never do if he had taken a proper nap), and we realized he probably didn't sleep between 1-2pm. We had to wake him at 5:15 to eat dinner, but he was also very difficult. Crying and won't sit in the high chair. When he finally sat down he won't eat. Again we became "those parents".

I guess I would have done something (time out...etc.), but I am guessing he behaved like that because he didn't have a good nap, so I let it go. But thinking back, I am also afraid if this was a soft beginning of terrible two and if I should have done something about it (ie. time out...etc).

What would you have done? Would you have given him time outs? Did you ever have one of these moments when you look at your baby/tod, and wonder who is this child ??? Is it true that all of us would become "that parent" at some point? Did that happen to you (even though your child is very well behaved in general)?