I'm going to throw a sprinkle for a good friend and really need to get a move on! I need to decide a few things though-

surprise or no?

Who to invite- Friends from just our moms group or invite the 2-3 of her other semi local friends who might come? I can see this being awkward since the rest of us know each other, I've met them but we aren't close by any means. I am planning to invite her mom, mil and grandmother but not aunts etc. (Basically, I'm not trying to replicate the guest list of her shower and the room I'm renting has a capacity of 25 people.)

I'm thinking 11:30 and we'll do lunch, cake, gifts (not thinking anything crazy but this may be a reason to tell her, I don't want her to get a bunch of useless stuff, she's having the opposite sex this time though so I know some new things will be in order and a registry may help?)

Games? Again, nothing crazy but I think it could be fun to do something. Any ideas?