A friend offered to host a sprinkle for baby #2, (due in 8 weeks, shower in 4 weeks) and I'm trying to figure out the registry situation. It will definitely be a smaller more intimate group, but I'm struggling to find gift ideas in multiple price ranges...and trying to remember what I might need! (We are team green so I am thinking baby clothing will be minimal.)

Here's what I have so far - any suggestions or ideas?

Bassinet (halo bassinet swivel sleeper) since big brother is still in the crib, and we'll have baby in our room for 3-4 months.
High chair - we didn't register for this with our first and I hate the high chair we ended up with.
2nd set of Aiden and Anaïs swaddle blankets.
Baby wash/diaper ointment/baby powder
Size 1 and 2 diapers
2nd car seat base - also something we didn't get with our first and would appreciate!
Kickee pants sleepers

Almost everything is <$5 or >$80! Help me remember what I'm missing with baby #2. (We already have the rock n play, swing and activity jumper)