I'm overthinking this as usual so would love some outside perspectives.

Long story short - we have been a one-car household for 10+ years now, but recently bought a house in the further surburbs and are now wondering if we need to get a second car.

Basic setup: two grownups with a commute of about an hour in each direction, one kid in elementary school+ aftercare.

My husband has very flexible hours, so he drops off our daughter at school around 9 AM and drives in to work where he has free parking. I leave early (around 6 AM) to catch a bus to a train to get to my office, and then leave the office around 4:30 to meet him and we commute home together and pick up our daughter from aftercare. In the last few weeks my bus has been on strike, leaving me with either having to commute in with my husband and severely shortening my workday, or walking a mile to another bus, which is becoming harder due to colder weather and it's dark and creepy on that walk (and that bus might go on strike soon too). So all this plus some other factors now has us contemplating getting another car.

Pros for getting another car:
I can commute to my office directly and the cost of parking for me would be about the same as my commute cost now

I can go see my out of town friends more easily (this currently involves husband and kid to be home while I take the car for the day or me catching a long distance bus/train to see them)

We can divide and conquer on errands and sports (kid has ballet on Saturdays and will likely do another sport in the winter; right now we all do everything together or someone stays home with the kid while the other goes out)

Car costs. Our car is paid off and I was so enjoying not having a car payment. Because it's 8 years old, we're thinking we'd buy new, though open to ideas on this one.

The reasons above don't feel all that critical to buy a whole car for (strikes will resolve eventually, I've been working around all the other stuff - it's not ideal but I'm not sure it fully justifies a car payment either)

In full disclosure, I am very financially conservative so large expenditures always send me into a tail spin of "is this worth it" so any cooler heads/perspectives are welcome. Hubby thinks it's worth getting another car but he's also a much more liberal spender so he's left it up to me to decide.