Lo1 missed his nap two days in a row. He woke up sick and stuffy yesterday after about forty minutes (usually be sleeps for two or three hours.) Today he woke up poopy after about twenty minutes. So he has just been a WRECK. Hitting, refusing to eat, throwing things. I know he is just way over tired and sick. But he threw something at my face and I have to speak in front of people tomorrow.

Lo2 has barely napped because if I try to put him down he wakes up. Or lo1 wakes him up. Or he farts himself awake. He will hardly eat solids because I can't find a time that he isn't overtired and fussy to try. He just grunts and makes faces when I offer.

DH is gone ten hours a day. I know he works really hard too. But I get so jealous that he can do simple things like go to the bathroom by himself or walk across the street for a sandwich or have an adult conversation. He was telling me about some work retreat he has to go to and how one of the optional activies is a spa. It made me cry a little bit. I want to go to a spa. I know I don't have a job and so I don't get perks like that. But it still doesn't seem fair. I'm working just as hard, you know?

I just really, really want a day off. I know you don't get days off when you are a parent. But it would be so nice.

I have to go practice my speech but I really am not in the mood to talk about kids and parenting when I just kind of want to crawl under a rock.

Also I had a migraine today.