You guys. I need your expert advice on a Christmas Tree problem I'm having. You read that right! This is probably the strangest thing I've ever had to contemplate.

My MIL called and asked if we could trade trees this year. My tree is 7 ft and hers is 9.5ft. They just moved and realised their tree wouldn't fit in their new house. So, she wants to use mine and I use hers because her's would fit in our house.

It totally caught me off guard and my immediate thoughts were "nooooooooo". I REALLY love my tree and this is so absolutely crazy that I'm this attached to a TREE.

One reason I'm resistant is that... she isn't doing any entertaining this year. Christmas is at our house and I LOVE MY TREE. Also, this is the first year I get to decorate in our new house and I was really looking forward to seeing our tree up.

Bees, tell me what to do.