I posted a few months back when we started planning a holiday time vacation with our two DDs (12 months and 7 years) and everyone was so helpful! Now that this vacation is upon us and I'm down to the details I wanted to reach back out for tips.
We will be flying from FL to NYC, staying for 3 nights.

My main questions are about the travel gear to bring.
Do we bring the bigger Joovy Caboose Ultralight or our 3D mini with boogie board? On one hand the bigger stroller has more flexibility and a decent storage basket underneath. DD2 can also sit down which I feel like will be a 'thing' if we don't have the option for her to do that. On the other hand it's heavier and bigger for navigating the city.

Also, should we bring LO1's infant bucket seat for possible cab rides (seatbelt fastened) and to use with the Joovy (if we bring it)? Or should we plan to stick to mass transit and use the smaller stroller along with wearing her in the carrier?

Last, we will probably just bring DD1's basic booster in case we take a taxi. This should work fine. yes?

Anything else I might not be considering as an option? We are flying into LGA and staying on the UWS. Mostly sticking to areas around Rockefeller and near Union Square.