Man just a small vent mixed with a question.

Anyone deal with an irritable uturus? How did you cope without getting angry and mentally just burnt out. I didnt do so well with my daughter and I dont want this pregnancy to be miserable the last 8 weeks or so.

Man having an irritable uturus sucks! I will have regular timable contractions thst last for a few hours and then they just stop. It happens more and more the closer I get to my due date. Its exhausting. The annoying thing is is that they do nothing to my cervix. Im only 32 weeks so I dont want her here yet but at least it would be nice if the contractions actually helped soften or efface me so I can actually go into labor on time. Biggest thing is how I feel like I cant trust my body. Like are these the real deal? For me they never are. Idk last night they were different and not like my usual irritable contractions but nope
...not anything to worry about. They stopped at 2 am. Glad I didnt go in cause they would look at me like I was dumb. Happens every time. If I went in everytime I had these I'd live at the hospital. It was the same with my daughter. I was induced at 40 weeks cause I was just so exhausted physically and mentally. Once my body had a small bit of the pitocin my body went into labor no problem and quickly. It's like my body can't go on it's on cause it stalls all the time.