I'm creeping up on 34 weeks with my twins and starting to get a little freaked out about actually birthing them! Right now A is head down so we are hoping for a vaginal delivery, barring any unforeseen complications that might crop up in the next couple weeks. Anyway, I was just wondering about the birth experience of Hellobee's twin moms!

How many weeks were you when you gave birth?
Vaginal or c-section? (Or both?!)
Did you go into labor on your own, get induced, scheduled a c-section?
Sizes of your babies?
Any NICU time?
Was your partner able to cut the cords?
Did you get to do skin to skin right away?
Did you get to try breastfeeding immediately?
Were your babies able to room in with you or did they go to the nursery?

Any other anecdotes, advice, etc? Thanks!