I don't know what category to put this in...

But the season of open enrollment has begun. We have been paying for the best plan coverage plan that my employer offers, and my whole family is on it (including my husband, who is out of his employer provided insurance).

I felt like it was the best option while we were having kids. But now that my kids are 2 and 4 and we are done, I want to see if we could safely downgrade and save money. But I don't want to save money in premiums only to pay it (or more) on the back end with higher copays, coinsurence, and super high OOP max limits.

I should also note that I have an autoimmune disease and between me and the kids, we've probably had 20-30 doctor and specialist visits, 5-6 rounds of labs per year and that will probably continue. I have to get a colonoscopy every couple years and am due for a diagnostic mammogram in 2018. So no hospitalizations that I foresee, but some outpatient stuff and ai also want to be covered in the event of unknown illnesses or accidents.

Are there any websites that let you input all the possibilities and premiums and compare plans? I know theoretically people can save money on High deductible plans because they can use HSAs to pay their deductibles and expenses and make their overall income lower and same money on taxes. But short of sitting down with a pen and paper, is there an easy way to compare different plans that takes consideration of taxes, HSAs, etc?

How do you all make sense of this stuff? I have o many friends who went to high deductible plans and then got burned because they didn't have enough cash to cover the out of pocket max and then had a major hospitalization.