My 8 year old (obviously unvaxed) started camp today. This is her first exposure to bigger groups of kids since March 2020 (she was fully remote for school all year and only doing masked playdates outside with friends). The camp requires masking indoors and outdoors for the most part and we feel good about their precautions, however, I'm wondering about what to do about her interacting with her currently 6 week old cousin. Adults all are vaccinated (us parents and my BIL/SIL), but kids obviously aren't and my kid will be around others, even if mostly masked. She adores her cousin and I'd love for them to keep seeing each other but I also don't want to put anyone at risk. I told my BIL/SIL that we'll do whatever they're comfortable with, but wondering how others are handling this and interaction with unvaxed kids in general. Thanks!