I just had my baby a few weeks ago, but future pregnancies are on my mind. I didn't want a c-section, but after being two weeks late, induced, in labour, and pushing for two hours, was told that the baby was too big and stuck so that was my only option. My recovery wasn't great and I ended up with an infection. I would like to try for a vbac next time and was told I would be able to because my induction worked and I didn't need cervidil. So my questions are these for people who have had vbac or tried to:

What were the circumstances surrounding your c-section?

How long did you wait between deliveries of babies? I was told they like you to wait 18-24 months between deliveries for you to try for a vbac.

What number pregnancy/child was your vbac?

Was your vbac successful? If not, why?

Were you worried about uterine rupture during your pregnancy and/or during your delivery?

If your vbac was successful were you happy that you had a vbac?